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GoverCraft Overview

Govercraft® are designed for GoSorb® bulk spreading over large areas of oil polluted land, beaches or difficult to access river banks. Large tracts can be treated quickly and efficiently in a fraction of the time taken by alternative methods. The product is 100% recyclable for profit, (see above) and anything remaining can be safely ploughed into the soil where the fertiliser element assists growth. It can be used in combination with HydroEater™, to regenerate polluted farmland in weeks rather than months.

Spread on oiled beaches by Govercraft®, as the machines hover over the surface, nothing gets trodden in. Beaches are rapidly returned to their original condition. No more armies of workers tramping in oil, GoSorb® floats off on the tide. Deep rocky crevasses can be filled with material and hosed to clean, or tide flushed naturally.

Gobbler OSRV Overview

Global research identified the need for a specific, dedicated vessel capable of addressing the majority of oil pollution scenarios. Offshore certified, Gobbler is designed to meet this requirement and effectively respond to all situations. By design, the vessel can operate 24/7, eliminating the need to return ashore to discharge. The Gobbler vessels can respond quickly enabling rapid deployment to pollution incidents. Gobbler is easily launched by custom road trailer from the most inhospitable terrains. The boat/trailers are designed to fit the load space of transport aircraft, enabling them to be deployed globally to remote or isolated locations. A range of innovative Advancing skimmers can recover up to 40 tonnes of water-free oil per hour*, with the unique hull design drawing oil to the skimmer.


GoSorb is a chemically modified cellulose based material. (patented technology & proprietary formulation). It is engineered to be the only completely water repellent, environmentally compatible, lipophilic absorbent product on the market. It has an extremely high absorbency rate combined with permanent water repellent properties and oil retention.
 Effective on water and land, GoSorb absorbs oil, greases and other water insoluble organics and contains no toxic, carcinogenic or biologically hazardous materials. It can be applied as a loose particulate by air sprayed or hand-laid methods, spread from a boat, bulk spread in controlled thicknesses by custom Govercraft or incorporated into booms and pillows for various aquatic applications. The captured oil can be recovered by compression for profit recycling, the compressed residue of GoSorb is convertible to valuable BioMass.
Features: Contains 97% recycled cellulose fibres, Biodegradable & non-toxic.
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