GoSorb is a chemically modified cellulose based material. (patented technology & proprietary formulation). It is engineered to be the only completely water repellent, environmentally compatible, lipophilic absorbent product on the market. It has an extremely high absorbency rate combined with permanent water repellent properties and oil retention.
Effective on water and land, GoSorb absorbs oil, greases and other water insoluble organics and contains no toxic, carcinogenic or biologically hazardous materials. It can be applied as a loose particulate by air sprayed or hand-laid methods, spread from a boat, bulk spread in controlled thicknesses by custom Govercraft or incorporated into booms and pillows for various aquatic applications. The captured oil can be recovered by compression for profit recycling, the compressed residue of GoSorb is convertible to valuable BioMass.
Features: Contains 97% recycled cellulose fibres, Biodegradable & non-toxic.

• Eliminates using poisonous Dispersants.
• Accelerates bioremediation Effective on land, sea, and fresh water Works in any temperature.
• Absorbed oil will not leach back into the environment.
• Apply as a loose particulate or as a boom or pillow. Will not absorb water or sink. Can be used as a filter substrate.
• Captured oil can be recycled. Compressed residue Converts to BioMass.
• 100% SAFE for the environment.
• Created out of necessity to incorporate recycled materials into the environment as a low-cost and more efficient alternative to polypropylene materials.
• Absorbs 20x its own weight, Highest absorption rate of any fiber.
• Contains no toxic, carcinogenic or biologically hazardous materials.
• Absorbs oil, greases & other water insoluble organics by decreasing the mobility manifold.
• Oil Herder.
GoSorb Applications
• Deployed via; Govercraft over large areas, beaches, Riverbanks, wetlands or land mass. Air blown or hand spreading in other inaccessible locations, Off-shore by Gobbler OSRV.
• Oleophilic material collection, via skimmers, suction devices or vacuums (These work with the Gobbler OSRV and also portable for hard to reach areas).
• Refillable Containment Booms (Gobbler).
• Sorbent collection & containment boom fill material.
• Beach/land clean-up.
• Use of Govercraft for controlled GoSorb distribution in mud flat/ riverbank areas ensures success, where mechanical methods fail.
• GoSorb deploys tidal action for speedy, efficient reparation.
• Collection of oils from storm water run-off.
• Ideal for oil recycling.
Open Water Clean up
• distribution with Gobbler OSRV.
• If recovered by suction methods, oil is contained in GoSorb IS SEPARATED AUTOMATICALLY. accompanying water is CLEAN and can be pumped overboard.
• Booms act as sweeps.
• Temperatures do not affect performance.
• No oil drains back. GoSorb is highly lipophilic (oil loving).
• Oil recycled from particulate by compression.
• The recovered oil is unchanged. GoSorb is chemically inert, unlike