• Surface floating, not rooted to the bottom.
• The plight of many countries, the result of earlier Global trading seed transmission, invasive vegetation is not just land-based. Aquatic plants plague the lakes and rivers of Africa, Central and South America, Asia, China and beyond. Nowhere is immune to infestation if conditions prevail.
• Fish stocks die from lack of oxygen and sunlight.
• Indigenous livelihoods are lost.
• Drinking water is poisoned.
• Chopping leads to re-growth
• Major tourism economic losses due to foul-smelling Sargassum weed in the Caribbean
• Fish die entrapped in the weed.
• Sport fishing boats at anchor become entrapped.

• Complete removal of the species from the water.
• Govercraft ® #1. This Hovercraft can glide over to cut the vegetation into floating “islands”.
• A Gobbler 290 with a 400hp engine (EIAPP and EPA Tier III Certified), retrofitted with a “Plug & Play” GoFence® pusher, can move the cut vegetation to shore for collection, shredding and conversion to value fertiliser.
• The vessel is easily converted for oil recovery duties by installing the original Advancing skimmer which is supplied as standard from new.
• Similarly, the Gobbler 290 400hp version as above, in combination with a Govercraft® #1, can cut and move Sargassum sea-weed to a convenient beach for collection and shredding, and conversion to value fertiliser.
• Gobbler 290 vessels and Govercraft® can be cost-shared by regional authorities.
• Easily and rapidly transported to any affected area using Gobbler custom road/launch trailers/tow trucks.