Company Overview

Ellouray is a privately held company as an investment trade and services providing enterprise for the Energy, Environment and Oil & Gas Sector. We work with energy partners, investors, contractors, proactively assessing their assets, portfolios, investment strategies and to develop business synergies, technologies, and skills to enable them to maximize value.

We also offer multi-disciplinary services to the energy sector with prime focus on the environment, upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. The company provides oil and gas equipment supply, environmental solutions and diversified technical oil and gas, Oilfield supply services that encompasses a complete range of equipment, parts, accessories and services for Oil and Gas related projects. Ellouray has associations with renowned manufacturers and suppliers across Europe, U.S.A, Asia pacific and the Far/Middle East.

We serve our clients whose business needs and requirements are wide ranging. In a dynamically evolving energy marketplace, our innovative management and regional experience gives us a competitive advantage which enables us to deliver superior results to our most demanding clients.

Ellouray provides a full range of equipment, parts, accessories and services that ensure reliability from receipt of your enquiry through shipment of your orders. We source your equipment requirements competitively through our international network of manufacturers, stocks and our supplier alliances. We source the equipment, place the orders and expedite to ensure that deliveries are made on schedule.

Ellouray is a fast growing and well-resourced company, striving for excellence and customer satisfaction. The growth of the company can be attributed to its management policy of directly serving the end-users by offering exceptional services. Our goal is to anticipate customer needs, devise effective ways of delivering cost-effective and quality products, services, and solutions, and thus become the channel of choice by adding value and efficiency.

Our Vision

A niche bold, driven and determined diversified, transnational, integrated company, with national leadership and a strong environment conscience, playing a national role in the Oil & Gas and energy sectors.

Ellouray is positioned to take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the Sector by forming strategic alliances with potential partners (local & foreign) in order to identify the untapped areas of investment and transform them into viable business models as well as provide a diverse set of products, solutions and services in select global markets that add value to our customers operations with an emphasis on quality, integrity and safe operation.